MCP33131 to Nano 33

Hi guy´s

Trying to interface a Nano 33 to the MCP33131 ADC

If anyone have a bit of code and some instructions to share i would be most greatful?

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Have a look at page 9 in the data sheet: MCP33131/MCP33121/MCP33111 Data Sheet (

Hi Railroader yes thanks ivé looked at it, problem is i never interfaced an spi bus before, thats why it´s a bit confusin on how to program this

You wouldent have a bit of code for me would you? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have not used SPI yet.
Tested Google and got this: Arduino + SPI - Bing

Arduino - SPI text

Well worth looking at Arduino/reference!

Hi again - yes was looking myself, This ADC have a "SPI-compatible interface" and i have never used SPI before myself, was thinking that someone in here could guide me to read the value of this ADC..

Wee we´ll see if anyone reads the thread and comes up with something

Thank you for your reply

Have a nice day or evening :slight_smile:



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