Mcp3422 eval board to arduino via i2c

i'm currently trying to do a project measuring 2 precision pressure sensors.
originally i tried measuring the sensors using the board adc however i found it was way to noisy and not accurate enough.
so i want to try doing the measurement using a external adc (a mcp3422 mounted on an ecal boar data sheet : that will talk to the board via I2C.
however i have little experience using I2C. i was wondering if anyone had some demo code i could use as an example?? while writing my code/ any pointers ??

i have worked out the address of the board its 0x68

First result of a Google search: GitHub - stevemarple/MCP342x: Arduino library to support Microchip ADC342x analogue to digital converters. Does that fulfill your needs?

:O, yes thank you very much. all i could come up with was a bit of outdated code that i couldn't get remotely close to running.