Mcp4725 stops working suddenly

I'm working with mcp4725 with atmega328p.
But it stops working can someone help please.
Thank you

No! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not unless you explain yourself in detail.

Did you read the instructions?

If You post a link to the mcp4725 data sheet, post the schematics and post the code, there is a chance to find out.
Read the first topic telling how to get the best out of this forum to get good advice.

This is datasheet link

This is the arduino code

No, it's a picture of part of the code - I can't get it to compile.

What do you mean?

It works for… how long?

It stops working when… what?

Diagram, full code pleeze. Maybe it's something oblivious.


Maybe it is. :rofl:

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