MCP_CAN MCP2515 filtering specific IDs

Hi all,
I'm using the GitHub - coryjfowler/MCP_CAN_lib: MCP_CAN Library library that works well.

Now I would like to discard some specific extended ID but I dont know how to do it.
The ID I would like to discard are 0x80001200 and 0x80002025. I would like to receive any other frame (std or ext).

Is there a way to exclude only these two ID from reading ?


So the MCP2515 will receive the info.
But if you are running the MCP2515 off an interupt sub rutine you can use:

if(ID==0x80001200 || ID==0x80002025)

to exit the interupt sub rutine.

The sintax above is wrong but should give the idea.

I do something simular but different.
I read all can data coming in and only if the data is what I am looking for then set the variables to send into the main program loop.

I'm already doing it.
But using a filter is more efficient.