MCUFRIEND 3.5" ili9486 UNO shield on Arduino MEGA text size / Font problems

Hi All,

I am having problems on displaying larger text on my TFT MCUFriend 3.5’’ arduino uno shield on Arduino Mega. I am using the library MCUFRIEND_kbv by David Practice which works perfect on my TFT and Mega but my problem is that I can’t print text using bigger fonts or external fonts.

I have followed the instructions but still not able to display a bigger text, I only got a tiny text ( default size I guess).
I am using the example (GLUE_DEMO_480x320) that comes with the MCUFRIEND_kbv library and also I trying to print a font called Arial_round_16x24 but I tried several font with same results

In the attached example I did a modification wich was basically:

A) To put the font file in my project folder
B) extern uint8_t Arial_round_16x24; //.kbv GLUE defines as GFXFont ref
C) myGLCD.InitLCD();
D) myGLCD.print("* Universal Color TFT Display Library *", CENTER, 1); //print something…

Pls find the code files attached
Any ideas of what I am doing wrong or missing?

My tft info:

ID = 0x6814 (ili9486)
TouchScreen.h GFX Calibration
Testing : (A1, D7) = 34
Testing : (A2, D6) = 24
Diagnosing as:-
YP,YM: (A1, D7) = 34
XM,XP: (A2, D6) = 24
ID = 0x6814
MCUFRIEND_kbv ID=0x6814 320 x 480

Arial_round_16x24.c (23.5 KB)

GLUE_Demo_480x320-Arial24.ino (6.92 KB)