MCUFRIEND Ported version of tft thermo gives white screen

I am trying to port a tft thermometer onto a MEGA 2560 using MCUFRIEND TFT 320X480. I made my testing of kbv libraries and manage to get the screen to work perfectly with the TouchScreen_Calibr_native and with the graphictest_kbv. So I started to transform the original sketch to work with kbv libraries. I don’t get any error report, I can upload, but I get a white screen… Nothing else… I am loading the modified file (called mcuthermoversion) and the original file. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

DHT11_Temperature_Control.ino (16.1 KB)


TouchScreen_kbv.cpp (3.85 KB)

TouchScreen_kbv.h (928 Bytes)