Hi i have a MCUFRIEND 3.5 TFT LCD. I'm running it with a mega2560 and the problem is the shield takes up all the digital pins i need at least 3 pins to use with the internal timers of the mega2560. im not using the sdcard on the shield. is there a way i can re-arrange the digital pins int he MCUFRIEND_kbv library? or maybe even set the internal timers to the pins on the bottom header pins 22-50?

i read this ,MCUFRIEND_kbv/mcufriend_how_to.txt at master · prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv · GitHub but im not sure how to use the special or if it will work the way i am visualizing. by setting pin d10-d2 on the shield to pins 22-55 on the mega

is it possible to use the irremote using pin 20 or 21 as an interrupt on the mega 2560?

never mind i figured it out just used pin 46