MCUFRIEND_kbv and multiple displays (ILI9486 Driver)

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I did not have any responses to my previous post but I managed to hook up 2 screens on my Arduino - these are both ILI9486 TFT Shields, 3.5 Inch each.

I am using the MCUFRIEND library as the ADAFRUIT one does not support ILI9486, however, I have been having issues in declaring the pins so I can control both of them individually, so I believe I am (99%) missing something while using the MCUFRIEND library, therefore I am looking to understand what I have been doing wrong.

I have been using the 2.2.9 version of the library.

As mentioned, I believe the issue is at the declaration. I am using the below code before void setup()

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>  // Core graphics library
// #include <Adafruit_TFTLCD.h> // LCD library
// #include <TouchScreen.h> // Touchscreen Library
#include <MCUFRIEND_kbv.h> // Touchscreen Hardware-specific library

#define LCD1_CS A3
#define LCD1_CD A2
#define LCD_WR A1
#define LCD_RD A0 

#define LCD1_RESET A4

#define LCD2_CS A5 
#define LCD2_CD A6

#define LCD2_RESET A7

#define BLACK   0x0000
#define BLUE    0x001F
#define RED     0xF800
#define GREEN   0x07E0
#define CYAN    0x07FF
#define MAGENTA 0xF81F
#define YELLOW  0xFFE0
#define WHITE   0xFFFF


When I began experimenting, I only split the CS pin for controlling the displays separately and shared the rest 4 pins.
As it wasn't working I also shared the CD (RS) and RST (Reset) pins as well, to no avail.

I have spent another day looking over the internet for helpful articles and I cannot find anything that is different from what I have done above, however, I have noticed that people who are using 2 constructors with the same library are using the ADFRUIT_TFTLCD library so I am not sure if that is vital as I cannot tet it with my displays.

I have attached an image of the result I am getting with my code. You can see that both screen show as "Screen 2" although these have been coded so Screen 1 should show "Screen 1" and Screen 2, "Screen 2"

// TFT 1 
  tft1.print("Screen 1");

// TFT 2
  tft2.print(" Screen 2");

To my surprise, I have found that the declarations at the beginning of my code, do not seem to have any effect on the rest of the program.

I tried changing them (so I tested my theory) to:

#define LCD1_CS A0 
#define LCD1_CD A0
#define LCD_WR A0 
#define LCD_RD A0 

#define LCD1_RESET A0

#define LCD2_CS A0
#define LCD2_CD A0

#define LCD2_RESET A0

and the results I got were exactly the same. This tells me that there is some override happening in the MCUFRIEND library which I suppose I need to find and change?

I hope I do not sound super naive here, I am only a beginner and it's been only a few months I have started working with Arduino but this is my first encounter with displays.

Many thanks in advance!

Oh, I forgot!

For reference these are the displays I've got:

And this is their PINOUT:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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