MCUs for Engine Control

Just a weird question. What kind of microcontrollers are used for the car's "computer" these days. I am specifically using layman's terms here. Obviously a car these days has dozens of microcontrollers and probably has a mix of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit controllers in there somewhere. Maybe even a heavy duty DSP type deal for the navigation system, AV system, or these newfangled collision detection systems. But what interests me is the main engine computer. I have heard that Renesas and Freescale are big in this market. But I have no actual knowledge. Does anyone know what actual uCs are used the most for auto engine control these days or have any actual examples? Are there other auto applications that need even more power than the engine uC other than obvious ones like the ones that I mentioned so far?

For example:

In November 2012, Infineon announced delivery of the 100 millionth TriCore architecture MCU. Based on its use in more than 50 automotive brands, this 32-bit MCU family is estimated to be found in nearly one-half of all cars manufactured in 2012. So it seems today's typical MCU for powertrain and chassis apps is 32bit + DSP + FPU, 2-4MB flash, 150-288kB ECC sram, 133-300MHz clock, and automotive grade..