md max72xx zone set to specific columns. is it possible?


I have a question. I have made an decoration for my pinbal machine and multiplexed the lettering on it. It results in 4 letters and 3 x max7219, there are 22 columns and 8 rows. I would like to animate some thing in the lettering. and when the ball rolls over the switch the corosponding letter should light up. There for I thought th Zone function could work.

Here comes the question. A zone is one 8x8 block. The Zone is defined by the Number of blocks. (this is how I understand it)
Is it possible to define 22 columns and set the zone the column we like? for instance SNOW.
W = colomn 0 to 7. O column 8 to 12. N is Column 13 to 16. S = column 16 to 22.
Or is this not posible at all?

Best regards Don.

It works!

I have skipped the zone's. Don't really understand it..
But with setCollumn it works!


No, not possible.

just set the column number, tell it what to do and when it goes on and off. So when Start >= 1, every rollover switch toggles a letter. The corrosponding collumn's light up and go out a few times. Then after all the rollovers have been made, the end animation runs. And while all of this the scrollchart runs..

1_S.ino (1.17 KB)

2_N.ino (1.5 KB)

3_O.ino (1.12 KB)

4_W.ino (1.21 KB)

5_JET.ino (673 Bytes)

JET_ARD.ino (114 Bytes)



TEST_BEELD.ino (1.46 KB)


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