MD_MAX72XX Text Scrolling Issue

Hi guys, I'm trying to display scrolling text on an 8x8 LED Matrix using the MD_MAX72xx library. I've used the MD_MAX72xx_HW_Mapper and I have set these flags as recommended:

In MD_MAX72xx.h:

#define USE_OTHER_HW 1

In MD_MAX72xx_lib.h:

#define HW_DIG_ROWS 0
#define HW_REV_COLS 0
#define HW_REV_ROWS 1

DIN pin at the bottom

When I tried running MD_MAX72xx_Test.ino, all tests look good on the orientation except for scrolling text and the transform examples Scrolling text seems to get stuck on the first column like it does not "shift left"

However, if I used:

#define HW_DIG_ROWS 0
#define HW_REV_COLS 1
#define HW_REV_ROWS 0

DIN pin at the top, meaning I rotate my modules 180 degrees, everything seems fine. I'm posting this cause it might be a bug not yet addressed

Post a photo or link to the shop for your LED matrix. Your would be the first one in a long time that is 'OTHER_HW' so it is probable that you have made a mistake somewhere.

Also, confirm that you are running the latest copy of the library from the distribution web site.