MD_MIDIFILE_PLAYER_CLI reading card, not playing

I've installed marco_c 's MIDIFile Player. I've presently got the CLI example loaded. The console is operating. If I type "l" in the console, it returns the list of files on the SD card:

03:53:29.567 -> c c close
03:53:38.181 ->
03:53:38.181 -> ._.Trashes
03:53:38.181 -> AFROCUBA.MID
03:53:38.181 -> AIR.MID
03:53:38.181 -> BANDIT.MID
03:53:38.181 -> CHATCHOO.MID
03:53:38.181 -> ELISE.MID


When I type "p (file)", even case sensitive, it appears to read it, then I get an error:

03:55:40.243 ->
03:55:40.243 -> Read File: AIR.MID
03:55:40.243 -> Set file : AIR.MID
03:55:40.243 -> 2 [Not MIDI]

I have scoured my known universe looking for information regarding this error to no avail.

I'm using a nano 328(old boot loader), 'standard' SPI SD card reader that reads and writes properly in SD example sketches, I have the simple MIDI 5 PIN DIN output jack on D2 for the software serial rather than tx, and running the CLI example from a fresh include of the library.

What to do?

Not midi (error number 2) is generated when the SD card file cannot be opened. From the library documentation "2 = Can't open file specified", generated when this code is run in the load() method

// open the file for reading
  if (!, O_READ)) 

Are you sure the SD card files are loaded correctly? You may need to reformat the card using the SD card utilities (NOT operating system format).

I'm not sure now. I was assuming that since it was reading the files properly and displaying that they were there, everything was cool.

I used a preformatted fat32 sd, and also formatted a second fat32 from scratch. I dunno if it's "still a thing", but I'm using a Mac. I dunno if that's an issue.

Try changing the MAX_MIDI_TRACKS define in MD_MIDIFile.h to something lower than it is (if 24, change to 16)

#define MIDI_MAX_TRACKS 16

Thank you! I took it down to 8 and it works like a charm.