Me & C (++)

Hi all..

I would like to learn C for the Arduino

Saw some posts, but couldn't nut it down to suggestions other than books.

I used to program in QBasic and got to like it

Is C OK to learn like not rocket science ?

I don't wanna Engineering Degree to learn this Arduino stuff.

I saw the Arduino reference pages but want more 'structured' learning

Anyone help me with this ?

Hear all! Firehorse thinks we all have an Engineering Degree because we play with Arduinos! ;) just kidding.

I can't help you directly with the questions other than to say; Just go for it.

Get an Arduino and some led's, resitors and switches. Then just load a simple example sketch. examples->digital->blink/button are nice ones to start.

If you programmed anything in the past you will get the hang of it in a matter of 1 or 2 hours.

Is learning C the goal or do you already have a plan for the Arduino?


I’m from a BASIC background as well, it didnt take long to pick up Arduino C! The basic knowledge of how to do things carries over fairly easily.

My problem is forgetting ; at the end of statements, writing in C is fairly easy, the harder part (and is the same for most modern languages) is finding your way around the standard libraries!

Hey Jeroen, Squiggler,

Yeah I just ordered a board, lcd, stuff.. :)

Of course I will get into it immediately, i have always wanted to have my own design LCD dislplay and being able to use an MCU to make my geek projects sexy and sophisticated.

I will go thru the tutorials step by step, and then = C

Is there any books recommended that are suitable for Arduino coding ? oops, I mean sketching..

I'm reading the Language Reference (extended) page at the moment but would like more input (pun) :) how to make it all work together..

The arduino will be one of many combined designs for a watercooled PC Water temps, rad temps, pump flow, pressure, rpm of 8 cooliing fans, cpu/mobo temps, overheat/alarm systems,auto fill control system, power supply monitoring, automatic fan control based on temps, humidity.

there will be many things to learn and as I saw many projects here on Arduino that I can copy and modify to save time sketching.

I want to learn at least the core of the system so I can heavily customize the features I want without relying on the hope that someone has already done something similar.

Well, I get the impression that you guys reckon its no big deal ? No ?

I won't say it will be no big deal... ever. But to get the basics on programming an Arduino is not hard with some prior coding experience.

Like Squiggler said, watch where (if) you put an ; Also There is a difference between = and ==. That one get's me a lot.

Try to work out a plan on paper and tackle all problems individually. Then try to combine the various 'solutions'.

Good luck,


Okey dokey, thanks Jeroem..