ME3 C2H4 Ethylene Sensor from Winsor

I just Purchased the ME3 C2H4 From Winsor

anyone have experience whit this sensor and Arduino?
I can't find any clue in google. thanks before

Please, Somebody Help me… Anything, Thank you very much

Why do you specifically need to measure ethylene? As far as I know, the main use for ethylene is for ripening bananas on banana boats. There are sensors for detecting flammable gases (I believe they use a catalyst where any gas present is converted to heat and the change in resistance or voltage is measured). RS used to do them they have two separate sensors on the board, one is a reference, the other does the catalysis. They are commonly used in boats for detecting bottled gas leaks and in detectors used in coalmines to detect methane. The problem is that most of these detectors pick up a whole range of gases methane, butane, propane, even alcohol on the breath. It takes a pretty sophisticated detector to sense one gas only and you usually have to separate the gas of interest before you measure it. If you give a bit more info on the application, might be able to help more.
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hello Tigger, Thank you for replying
if you ask me, why measure the Ethylene, the project is about to measure only for the Ethylene, you are right about ripening, but not only for bananas, it could be use for Mangoes, apples and others, for this issue, the only thing for measure the gas, is just this sensor, I've been trying another gas sensor, but it didn't work,
so the project is to calculating the maturity of the fruits, so if the fruits get closer to the sensor, and release the Ethylene, the sensor will sensing the gas, and give the value
please tell me if you know something
thank you
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Sorry for late reply, just opened up the forum.
If it's only ethylene involved, you might get away with a general purpose catalytic sensor.
I know these are used in detectors in confined spaces where methane is a problem. The ones I worked with were designed to operate (alarm) at the explosive limits for methane in air - typically between 4 and 6 percent by volume concentration. Do you know what your ripening ethylene concentrations are? Are you going to use bottled ethylene gas? You are going to have to find a way of calibrating any sensor you can get working. A cheap way of doing this is to use a disposable syringe to pull up say 1-ml of gas then squirt it through a septum into a 1000-ml bottle to get a 1000x dilution. Just getting hold of the gas could be pricey.


hello ferdydot
I saw your post, regarding the ethylene sensor.
I do a similar project, regarding emissions of fruits during their decay.
I Would like to know if you started to use the ethylene sensor and which type you worked with , and last if you succeeded to work with it?


I have used this sensor with arduino.
Did you buy the sensor alone or built onto a board?
I used with the board but was unable to get the serial output to integrate with the arduino so resorted to using the analog voltage out on the sensor.
I will be happy to assist in any way I can if you still have questions regarding using this sensor.

Hey Dan,
I am planning to buy one of these things. I would be really grateful if you would give me a step by step tutorial on setting up these things with an Arduino.


Hi Sukesh,
No worries, I will help however I can.
First I would advise taking the option of the sensor built onto a board to simplify things unless you are really comfortable soldering the testing circuit as on the data sheet.
It's a bit more expensive but will save a lot of time and gives the option of serial output if you can get it to work.
What is your application for the sensor?

Hi Dansole, Sukesh, Ferdydot,
I'm also interested in this C2H4 sensor (also for fruit ripening/plant stress/plant bacteria interaction studies), but I can't see anyone reporting how it works... Have you had any success since last posts on this forum?
Just a few more questions, if there is still someone to answer: 1) what is the lower concentration it can detect (datasheet says 0-100 ppm range ?), 2) Dansole, you mention the sensor built on a board: where did you find it ?
Is the link for electrochemical range of sensors from this manufacturer, you’ll have to ask them directly for the ethylene sensor and for it built onto a board which costs a little more.
I found them responsive to 0-200ppm with a more linear response 0-100ppm and able to detect <1ppm.

I have switched to using mainly PID sensors, which are more responsive (much faster) but also sensitive to other volatiles:

you can chose your desired range of detection down to parts per billion level.
they are also a little more expensive but have greater lifespan.

Whichever you go for I will be happy to help wherever possible to get you set up.

Hi Dan,
Sorry I didn't receive your reply on 18 dec. I'll buy one of these sensors (maybe both) this week, and keep you informed how it goes...

hello guys .

i'm also interested in connecting an ethylene sensor to an arduino .
so far i haven't found a sensor that only responds to ethylene gas .
if you have found one please reply .

@plobit my email is if i can help you with anything or you can help me with something write an email

i just Purchased the ME3 C2H4 From Winsor

anyone have experience whit this sensor and Arduino?
can anyone help me to connect to arduino and some details about its output??

Hi guys,
so we have a project about the ethylene too, so did it work?

Sure does.
You have a few options with arduino and ethylene sensing depending on your budget, but sensing ethylene accurately and reliably particularly in the presence of other volatiles can be problematic.
Feel free to get in contact if you need any tips/ advice.

May I know the process and procedure of creating this circuit? For educational purposes only. Thanks!

I am also working to determine Ethylene gas emmited from fruits during decay process. Kindly guide me about gas sensor connectivity with Arduino Uno. And what is price to buy ME3 C2H4 sesnor on board?

I'd suggest PM'ing dansole about this thread perhaps?

Dansole kindly guide me how to connect ME3-C2H4 ethylene gas sensor to Arduino UNO? Is there any other specific sensor. I want to buy and do work. If know anylink or sensor . Kindly guide me.