Mean Well LDD 700L VS 700H. Fight¡

Hi everyone. I'm working on a friend's project which controls a led array through Mean Well LDD 700H driver.

I used the LDD 700L (they have the same aspect apart from the current they support) for testing purposes while I was working on it.

A couple of days ago I went to his house to test the hole thing but it didn't work at all. I spent like 3 hours checking all my program and system looking for errors, bugs, cables disconnection, etc. However, I forgot to check one thing... my friend's driver connection. He had connected the driver backward, I mean, power input where power output and vice versa.

I've rewired the driver properly but it's still not working. My question is: Is it the driver broken or am I missing some difference between the two models?

Thanks you all.

Yep, you are total on the wrong track. Trash the project, spend lots of money and waste lots of time to get that fixed.

In the meantime perhaps you could post even the most minimal project details, because my mind reader broke this morning. Sorry for that inconvenience ;-)

Ahhhhhhhh...and while we're at it there is a sticky forum post highlighted in bold letters right at the top "how to use this forum". Just in case it's not clear what I mean with minimum details.