Meaning of error message when reprogramming 3D printer firmware

Hi to all, I have been trying to update the firmware on the Gen6 electronics board of my 3D printer from 5D to Marlin. On attempting to upload I get the following error message: 1.error: pasting "DIO" and "-" does not give preprocessing token In function 'void bed_max_temp_error()': It would appear to be associated with a heated bed, however the board I have does not support a heated bed. I have the correct board selected, and I have altered the code to indicate that the heated bed is not in use, but the error persists. Any advise would be appreciated.

How does this relate to Arduino?

I have altered the code to indicate that the heated bed is not in use,

The error would suggest that you have not altered enough of the code to remove the heated bead.

It is not uncommon to get errorss like this when configuring software as the original authors seldom check for all possible configurations.

However for real help we need your code. It will be big so post as an attaché,ent

Thanks for the quick response Mike. I suspected the problem may have been what you have suggested, but could not work out what else needed changing. I will attach the code in the hope that someone can help. The only change I have made to the original code is to alter the motherboard to 5 from 51. 5 is for a Gen6 board which does not support a heated bed, 51 is for the Gen6 Deluxe which does support a heated bed. Many thanks.

configuration h code.docx (18.1 KB)

Thanks for posting this but it is not in a very convenient form. A microsoft word document needs microsoft software and then every one has to split things up into the different files before they can even attempt to compile it. Just take the project's folder in the arduino mysoftware folder, zip it up and post it. Then people can just open it in the arduino IDE and see where you need to delete more stuff.

Thanks again for the advice Mike but I think it is far too complicated. I am using one tab, configuration h, of one file marlin.pde, which must be opened by a particular Arduino program associated with the type of Arduino processor on the Gen6 board. Posting the problem on this forum was a long shot done in desperation and it would seem that I have identified yet another dead end not a path to the solution.

sinbad: Thanks again for the advice Mike but I think it is far too complicated.

If you think that simply posting the code you're asking for help with is 'too complicated' then I suspect you're wasting your time here. In any case 3D printing seems to be very popular at the moment and I'm sure there are specialist forums more closely related to your application where you would get better help.

PeterH, Obviously you didn’t understand what I said. It isn’t simply a matter of posting the code I am having problems with, but also posting the program it forms part of as well as the program which has to used to send it to the electronics board. Your second sentence suggests a path I have already started to follow. I appreciate the replies given on the forum although they have not helped resolve the problem. It is yet another avenue I have explored to find a solution, but I will close the post here and will not be returning, so don’t waste your time replying to this post. Thanks again.