MeanWell AD-55A UPS power


I'm trying to power a circuit (including an Arduino Mega but not only) using the MeanWell power supply (12V):

I'm not able to understand how to make sure that the circuit get powered even if the sector goes down. I've connect the lead acid battery to B+/B- and the circuit to DC +V/DC COM. But when sector goes down the circuit is not powered any more.

Any help on how to connect the circuit would be helpful.

Hi Triois,

First of all, it is not clear what you are trying. you want to parallel wall power and a battery? Or only want to use wall power? And i did not understand sector, what is sector?

If you give more information, i will be glad to help you, other in forum too.


Hi eXXonWaldez

Thanks for the answer.
Actually I managed to find the solution. The power supply is working like this:

  • Battery connected and wall power connected : V+/COM is providing power
  • Wall power disconnected: V+/COM is providing power (from the battery) working as a saved power unit
  • Battery disconnected: no power (as expected :slight_smile:
  • Battery connected again: still no power

As a conclusion: power saving works if "armed".