Measure 220v ac with arduino without transformer.

Hello Guys,

I need a little help for a few of my projects, i want to measure 220v ac but i dont want to use a tranformer is there any other simple way to measure it ?

can any of these be able to measure 220v ac?


All three are links to devices to measure CURRENT, not VOLTAGE.

The first one is using a hall sensor, but is not really rated for 230volt AC.
The other two are using a current TRANSFORMER.

A transformer is an easy way to get the needed galvanic isolation (safety).

All module can measure 220VAC (230VAC?), only not the voltage but the current :wink: Is that what you want?

Thanks alot found the volatage sensor

Thanks alot found the volatage sensor

share the link please

share the link please

AC Voltage sensor module ZMPT101B 250V Voltage transformer module Arduino:

I don't see any detailed specs, schematic, or application notes, so I hope you can figure it out, and I hope it works for you. And, I hope it's truly a transformer (isolated) and otherwise safe...

Do you want to measure voltage level of the 220Vac OR know if the 220Vac is ON or OFF?

Why can't you use a transformer?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: - Datasheet.jpg

the data sheet for this transformer is simple

the linked module shows the circuit to be a simple board.

not sure of the protection on the secondary (or primary) of this transformer.


That module IS transformer isolated with op amp to supply a DC voltage relative to the AC voltage.