Measure 230v and 16Amps with the arduino

Hello forum, ive been thinking of making a circuit that can measure 230 volts and maximum of 64 amps.
This is to be used in a fusebox that can run 230v and 400v. the box has 12 fueses each on 16 amps. what we want to do is display the voltage/current on each of the 12 fuses, and on the 3 phases.
It dossnt have to do this simuntainously for all 12 fuses.
So im thinking of having 3 measuring devices, so i can monitor the all the pases in the 3-phase simuntainously.

Ive read about the Voltage divider, and that its practically lethal.
My question to you guys is:

What is the best/safest way of measuring voltage and current.
What is the best way of routing the 12 fuses through the measuring array. Relays, FETS etc, etc.

I will try to have the drawings for the IO schematic for the fusebox uploaded later.

Any input is much appreciated.
Cheers, Thomas

With the appropriate sensors connected to the Arduino, reading the voltage and current is a very simple matter.

Tell us what sensors you have connected, and we'll help you with the code.

No sensors? That's not a software problem. Head down the hall to the Hardware section, to get help with the hardware.

Oh sorry!
This is a a hardware issue, did not see that i was in the software section. the coding part i should be able to handle.