measure degrees in a sonar hc-sro4

hello, I am new using arduino and recently I am working with an hc-sro4 sonar that measures the distance at which an object is, but I also read that the sonar can capture objects at a 30 degree angle and I would like to know if It can capture just in the degree that this of the sonar, for example if an object left 12 degrees from the 0 degree to the right of the sonar I get those 12 degrees. I haven't found anything for any forum I hope your help :)

The sensor gives about the same distance response for an object anywhere in its angular field of view.

The best you can do is pan the sensor horizontally, and find the center of the response pattern.

hello, bone, is it impossible for a sonar for example at 3 meters to capture 2 objects that would be within the 30 degree parameter distinguishing one from the other?

Try it and see. That is the beauty of Arduino!