Measure distance between one fixed point and one moving narrow beam.


Please help me to find a sensor with a narrow beam, can be a transmitter and receiver type, to measure distance with accuracy of mm, between 2 points with a range between 10 mm to 300 mm, working in a linear clean environment. I needed to correct, from time to time, drift cause by missing steps of a stepper motor in a actuator type linear system.

I could buy a lidar-lite v3, or something like this time of flight sensor, but I think given the nature of the machine - not moving, just linear motion in a clean environment, maybe I can find something more quick and precise, with a transmitter and receiver, and why not cheaper. Speed is important the movement is around 10 m/s.

All suggestion are welcome. :) :) :)

Speed is important the movement is around 10 m/s.

Are you sure of that number (10,000 mm/s)?

If so, to determine the range to 1 mm accuracy, you will need to measure it in much less than 10-4 seconds, that is, at a measurement rate of much faster than 10 kHz.

The speed is lower, is actually 1m/s. You are right.


In that case you need a sensor capable of measuring at 10 kHz. That certainly limits your choices.