Measure frequency?


is there a simple way to measure frequencies between 1 MHz and 30 MHz? I'm thinking of modifying my manual antenna tuner to an automatic one.

The resolution doesn't need to be very high, a resolution of 100 or even 500 kHz should be ok. Arduino with 16 MHz clock can't measure above 8 MHz, so you would need divider by 4,

Thanks for the info, will have a look into that.

Of course a devider is not really a problem.

I have used a SN74LV8154 before to measure frequencies in that range (its a dual 16-bit high speed counter that can be configured as a single 32-bit counter). However its output is byte-wide so a lot of pins are needed to read its output (or a parallel->serial shift register). Its good to 40MHz with logic level input.

Has anyone looked into porting the frequency counter library to the Due?

What would its top end be with its 32 bit timers and 84Mhz clock?