Measure jitter on logic input with timers

is it possible to measure jitter on 3 different inputs signals?

I would like to enter this 3 signals on 3 inputs of timers.
(which ones?)
The signals are square periodics. period=2.5ms
I want a lsb of 0,1µs
I imagine to program the timers to start an interrupt and read the counter or something like that.
is it possible to have this 3 interrupts in the same software (the 3 signals won't be synchronous , it's impossible)
thank you

Start by learning how to measure jitter on one input, keeping in mind that interrupts add jitter and should be avoided.

The Input Capture option of Timer1 on the Uno can be used for this, as described in this excellent tutorial.

The Uno has only one such input, so won't handle 3 signals. A resolution of 100ns is well beyond any interrupt handler's capabilities, so it must be a hardware counter approach.

A set of 3 gated counter chips would do it.

If you want to measure jitter on both rising and falling edges that requires more complex logic.

There are hybrid approaches using analog electronics and voltage ramps but that's at least as complicated, and
better suited to handling timing differences between signals, not jitter.