Measure Liquid Level in E-cigarette cylinder liquid tank


I want to measure the level of not yet smoked nicontine liquid in my e-cigarette tank with Arduino. The tank is a cylinder with following dimensions: h=5cm;l=0,5cm;w=0,5cm.
Firstly I tought about measuring the change in capacity of the tank content (liquid+air) with an electrode at the bottom and the top of the tank.
However, the exspectable capacities will be very small about the 1fF-1pF because of the small electrode sizes, big gap between the electrodes and the low dieclectric constant of air (e=1) and liquid (e=30).

Is it possible to measure such small capacities with Arduino directly / with an additional circuit?
Or do you know a better sensor setup how to measure the level of liquid in a very small cylinder?