Measure of frequency

I want to measure the frequency signal output oh ad5930 so i use the code

#include <FreqCount.h>

void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (FreqCount.available()) {
    unsigned long count =;

these is the reference of code
when i use it the serial always show 0 i connect the output of the ad5930 to pin 5 and the GND of ad5930 to GND of arduino board
can someone help me please

Are you using a teensy?

Have you set up the ad5930 to output a known frequency so that you can test that sketch?


no i don't use a teensy robtillaart i have the eval ad5930 and arduino uno and lcd to display the frequency

el_supremo yes i made the output of the ad5930 to 120 hz but no outcome :~

What you're doing looks correct, so I wonder whether the 'ad5930' (whatever that is) is powered correctly and actually outputting a signal on the pin you expect with sufficient amplitude to trigger the digital input. You could try just doing a digital read of pin 5 repeatedly and see what values you're getting back? If it's working as you expect, you should see it returning both HIGH and LOW; if it always returns HIGH or always returns LOW that suggests the ad5930 isn't doing what you want.

A cheap digital multimeter with a frequency function is a great diagnostic tool.