Measure pressure from the water faucet with the arduino

I want to know how to measure pressure from the water faucet with the arduino. I need to do this in order to measure the volume of the water that’s coming out of the faucet. What do I need to get in order for me to do this?
Thanks in advance!

Water is almost not compressable only a few percent. It will be very difficult to measure the volume from that , at least I don't know how as the pressure of a closed faucet can differ depending on other faucets in the same system.

Better use a flow meter with some digital pulse which connects to the arduino IRQ line. The other thread shows a good device to get started although...

How much water do you expect? - flow? - total volume per day? - diameter of the pipe? - accuracy needed? - other parameters?

So if you provide enough details in the question we might be able to provide details in the answers,

The op is trying to measure how much water is being used to irrigate plants.

I don't think anybody has ever heard of pressurized water when it is just water. Its tough to measure the pressure of water because there are so many air bubbles as well as it not being completely still.

Why not put a scale under the plants (if they are potted) and then measure the weight immediately afterwards. If you are talking inside in a nursery or some sort of green house or something where they are all in the same soil, then i don't know what to tell you.

I've never owned a home either but I know that electricity bills are by how much electricity you use. If water is like that then you could contact your water supplier or w/e and find out how much you use each month and then do some math and find out how much for each plant.

There were those pressurised water reactors that were popular in the nuclear industry a few years back. I've heard of those.