Measure strain ratio of 1:10000 with BF350/HX711 and Arduino Nano


I am trying to measure bending strain in a bar with BF350 in half bridge configuration interfaced with HX711 to arduino.

I want minimum strain to maximum strain ratio of 1:10000, is it possible? Means, if full scale is set to 10000, the minimum granularity should be better than 1 for eg ability to measure 10 Kgm as well as 1 gm.

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10kg : 1g is 10000:1, but Arduino ADC is 10 bit (1024:1).

Also the mechanical hysteresis will hide any real signal - you need a smaller load cell for your 1g range, this is
chemical balance territory, not kitchen scales.

10kg : 1g is 10000:1, but Arduino ADC is 10 bit (1024:1).

When the 24-bit HX711 is used, the Arduino ADC's 10-bit resolution is not pertinent.

Achieving a DIY 1:10000 resolution will be challenging. The OP may find this helpful: A Reference Design for High-Performance, Low-Cost Weigh Scales | Analog Devices