Measure volume of grain in a chain and paddle elevator


I want to measure the weight of grain going up a chain and paddle elevator on a combine.

Ideally skipping the volume then multiplying by bushel weight would be best. Only way can think of doing this, would be to mount plate fixed to a load cell in the head of the elevator. Grain coming off top would hit the plate and a dynamic weight should be able to be taken. Problems possibly with this, movement of combine over bumps could cause inaccuracies. Hinging plate may stop that but that brings up problems of where grain hits plate will alter reading.

Volume methods, I know radiation has been used (don't want to go down that road for obvious reasons), ultrasonic?, infrared?

Dust, vibrations and bumps will all be present in varying degrees just to make it more difficult!

Anyone got any ideas and or advice?


to make an accetable yield monitor, you could put a strke plate after the guide on top of the elevator
the harder the push, the more mass in the delivery.
since the guide would direct the grain onto a vertical strike plate with something like a load cell.
the force would result in a value

I am pretty sure there would be a correlation with speed of the elevator and the force measured.

a hinged at the top strike plate would eleminate bumps from effecting the readings.