measurement and app

Hello im
Trying to build and project that can measure bridges and implement this to an app how csn i make this work??
Also take the readings from sensor to and app that saves coordinates and height measure and save it to an catalog

For the coordinates, you could use a GPS.

Yes of course i have all the componets but need help to build all:)

How accurate do you need it to be?

To mm

GPS will only get you meter accuracy at best.

Ok but that is fine. I will use GPS to point out the bridge.
The height measure to yea measure the bridge and it will sit ontop my service car.

Ok so i have arduino uno i have measure sensor and i wabt it to be automatic process. So when an bridge comes it automatic take a measure and send the height to a sd card

And how will the code look like???

How would it know that a bridge is there? I'm just trying to get you started on defining the necessary functions.

So you want to measure to the mm accuracy from a moving vehicle? You need to know how high your sensor is above the bridge deck. That's difficult as a bigger person or fuller gas tank will lower the car's suspension by more than your accuracy allows.

How is your sensor going to see the ground under the bridge (which is what I assume you mean with height)?

That sensor part going to be your hard part. The moment you have the data from your sensors it's of course dead easy to write it to a file on an SD card (lots of tutorials out there outlining exactly how that's done), then later copy that to a computer for further processing.

Looking at your previous posts.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: