Measuring air flow


So I recently added ducts to my '11 camaro so that I can keep the rotors cool on track day excursions, in turn keeping the brakes working and not crash and die.

In the car I've already an infrared temp sensor wired to an arduino to measure rotor temp, and I thought it would be especially keen to somehow measure the amount of air that was being delivered via the duct work. Because I built the duct intake via 3d printing, I'd really like to know if there is, in fact, any significant air flow going to the rotors.

I've search around and not found anything that would provide such a measurement in this application, and thought I'd ask the community.

So, in short, I'm hoping to find some devise that would interface with arduino that could somehow measure the amount of airflow in the three inch duct tube.

Appreciate any kind input. Thanks!

Pitot tube?

MAF sensor? - Scotty