Measuring an angle between 2 objects in a stationary state (IMU/IMUS)

I understand that a lot of questions have been asked over the last few years on this but just looking for the current state / Best practice).

I'd like to measure in a stationary state the angle between 2 items (less than 5 feet apart) relative to one another either with the same IMU (two discrete readings) or two IMUs.

I am mostly interested in left to right angles (e.g. are my two sensors reading parallel? ).

What is the most accurate way of doing this? IMU, IMU/GPS or else. Any codes to get a head start?

Thanks a million

Jean, Canada

Consumer grade IMUs can be used to measure absolute orientations to about +/- 1 degree accuracy, if they are properly calibrated. GPS is of no use at all in this case.

If you leave the "objects" so vague, you are only going to get vague answers.

For making two things parallel, I would use distance sensors. Either ultrasonic or laser types. Measure the distances between the ends of the two objects - hopefully you can target the correct corresponding end on the distant object.

You can add a compass module to each object, and compare their angles, if this is what you mean by "relative angle".

The angle between any two objects is always 180o. It is only when you introduce a referance point does this question make any sense.

The OP has sent me a personal message that does clarify the two objects. It seems like it's private information so I won't repeat it or offer any solutions until that information is public.