Measuring change in magnetic flux via Arduino and MAG3110 sensor

First off I would like to assure you I am a newbie to the Arduino programming and electrical interface world. My engineering beckground is mainly in structural/ drive train/ and mechanical components of robots.

With this said I am attempting to create a way to measure change in magnetic flux as well as orientation in the x,y,z using these components: Arduino Uno Rev 3 Freescale Magnetometer MAG3110 breakout board MicroSD Shield logic level converter and a mini breakout board

Currently I am running the Arduino off a 9v battery, and am debating if the logic level converter is even necessary. the Arduino Rev 3 has the capability to put out 3.3v and has a two digital I/Os reading SDA & SCL, printed on the card, and in the schematic. Would this run the MAG3110? anyone try anything like this .

Also does anyone have some pointers for programming the MAG3110, at least setting it up to begin reading.

Let me know what you think, If I need any other components or if there is a better way to do this.

For measuring orientation won't you need an accelerometer as well?

I am also Interested in using this sensors or HMC5883L wondering which is better.