Measuring current intake of arduino UNO

Hello folks. I have a simple multimeter and an arduino UNO board and I'd like to know the current consumption of the device. I dont have anything else, no wires, or special tools etc, so my question is that if there is a way to measure the current intake by measuring a voltage drop on a know resistance or something like this easy? thanks!

Its around the 40 to 50ma for a typical Uno according to the many posts on the subject.

The simplest hack to do yourself is carefully cut into the usb cable, identify the +5v wire, cut it and connect to your ma meter.

What you want to measure is the current of any devices you add on to it, which is normally easier to do so.

Yes, I thought that there is no SUCH easy way. Thanks for responding.

Since ANY power must return to it’s source, you can get a current reading on either the positive or negative lines.

Simply open the circuit (cut the wire) and connect one lead of the meter to one of the wires, and the other probe to the other wire. The meter is what completes the circuit.

You can always use the barrel jack to power the Uno and simply cut one of those wires. It would be easier, as the wires are a larger gauge, are typically already exposed, and can easily be reconnected after.

It also depends on what voltage rail and what type of board you measure.

A genuine dip Uno, @5v USB 41ma @12v Jack 51ma

Clone SMD Uno n/a @12v Jack 21ma

n/a could not attach to measure as in housing.