Measuring dampness in a cabinet?

I converted an old commercial fridge to an outdoor record player cabinet, and I'd like to detect if it's getting dangerously moist. I might then automate a dehumidifier if it needs it.

From Googling I found the DHT11, is that what people would recommend for this?

And if so, any recommendation for a source of them that won't be a knockoff?

And I should mention, all the records are thriftshop records, just for fun at cocktail hour while we BBQ, so it's not the end of the world if the predictable thing happens and the records all die a damp death.

I built this recently... ATMEGA328P based. OLED 128x64 screen & AM2320 sensor... powered by 3xAAA batteries. Progamming port and some extra GPIO pins exposed if you want to control something else based on the readings.

Happy to share the PCB files & code.

It's an OK sensor. I prefer the AHT20 / AHT21 as its more accurate and about the same cost.

You can try the "AHT25 integrated temperature and humidity sensor" version which has a more unique board shape that might not be counterfeited as much.

As for where....NOT Aliexpress.
I've purchased from this vendor on ebay with good luck. They have a good rep and "huge" amount of sales.

Might it help if you just put a hole(s) in the now cabinet? Perhaps a quiet computer fan.

Mouser, Digikey, Sparkfun, Adafruit.

Awesome, thanks for that, purchased from that vendor on ebay.

About using a computer fan, I wonder. It's a really wet area, right next to plants that get automatically watered, and when it rains here it does for days at a time. But I wonder if it could be that simple. The records I've been buying have been getting better and better to the point where I now really want to protect them, so it'll be interesting to get some measurements on the moisture.

Wow, awesome work! I'm going to start with an ESP32 with built-in screen and see how that goes, but I might take you up on that.

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