Measuring Data from a Bathroom Scale

Hi folks!

I am working on a project to test a multitude of things simultaneously, such as voltage and current draw. I also need to read the data from a scale (maybe not bathroom, but scientific scale) It is an Adams brand scale and currently has a DVI to USB adapter, and we are just reading the raw data from the serial port on the laptop. However, I would like to integrate this into the arduino as well so that I can host the data on a preexisting server.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tyler,

You've mentioned "serial port". Does the scale has a serial communication? If yes, you might be able to find some documentation from the vendor how to interact with it and use the Arduino and if the data is not very usable, like a CLI terminal interface with "menus", you could even "screen scrape" the terminal to get what you need into the Arduino.

Another option, if you don't have the Serial Port on the scale would be to "hack" the signals sent to the scale's LCD. You probably will need to some sort of logic-analyser or oscilloscope to read the signals and create a "dictionary".... you could use Arduino to do that as well depending of the signal speed... if you can find the LCD driver vendor/model you also should be able to find the datasheet and have valuable details about it.

Good luck!

Thanks! I did figure it out, the vendor advertises RS-232 but has NO documentation whatsoever. I eventually just sent \nprint using ASCII and I got the data back when I tried random baud rates (yay for having unlimited time to experiment!). In the future, I will use an oscilloscope with a more accurate scale that does not have serial communication, as that would make life much easier to just log data to the arduino rather than have to go through a laptop.

Thanks again!