Measuring displacement using flexible strain gauges

I would like to measure the displacement between two flexible strain gauges connected to different parts of a leg. Can any one tell me if this is possible or if there are any existing projects that could help me to figure out how to do this.


That's surely doable. Use the searchfunction, the magnifier symbol, up to the right in this window. Search for Arduino + strain gauge.

If you want better advice, you will have to provide more details about your project. “Flexible strain gauges” is not sufficiently descriptive. Exactly what do you have in mind? The kind that measure angles? And what is “a leg”? A leg of a giraffe? A leg of a table? And where do you propose to locate the “flexible strain gauges” on this “leg”? A sketch of your project would be helpful.

the displacement between two flexible strain gauge

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking "distance sensor" reading this. That tells you the distance between the two over time, and with it the displacement.

Strain gauges measure their own extension, not an extension between two strain gauges. Either you use one long strain gauge instead, or already suggested distance sensors.