Measuring level of grain in silo


Just inquiring if anyone has done any work on sensor for measuring grain levels in silos?



Not in a grain silo specifically but I have measured levels of water using an ultrasonic sensor to "bounce" a signal down to the top of the material to be measured and it reads the return signal. Sensor gets installed at the top of the tank and you scale it for the max depth of the tank. We use industrial sensors. I just looked at 'Proximity' sensors on Sparkfun and the max range of any I saw was about 15-20' so not sure that's enough for your application.

I would do some research on how well grain will reflect the signal as compared to water or other liquid.


I doubt if you'll get a good refection off the top of the grain pile at ultrasonic frequencies. However, you might be able to use much lower frequencies and find the resonant point while treating the empty portion as a close end organ pipe.