Measuring out the room with arduino

I'm attempting to do a project where I could measure the length, width and height of a room. First way of doing this that I had in mind was using Ultrasonic, but realized that it's pretty much only good for short distances (up to 3-4 meters).

My current idea is to use two ultrasonic modules that are facing away from each other, so by adding up I could (possibly) measure up to 8 meters. For this project, I would probably be fine with being able to measure distances that can reach 8-10 meters.

I also thought about having two systems can could use bluetooth to measure the distances between the systems, but I don't know if it would be possible to make that accurate in terms of measuring out a room.

So I come here to ask if there is a better way of doing this. I looked into Ladir, but those are pretty expensive (though I'm still considering them).

Again, I don't need extreme distances, I'd be more than happy with 8-10 meters being measurable some what accurately.

Have a look at how the cheap commercial units work , what transducer etc they use.

What is the application you intend? Once you’ve measured a room , there is no need to do it again . Commercially there is a lot of low cost hand held equipment available to do the task , calculate volume etc.

Having said all that , it has been done before by others -Link for Arduino project :

I'm doing a project for university stuff. I enjoy 3D modelling, so I thought of this idea where I could measure out a room and then use that measured information to generate a 3D model. I'd want to see how far I could get in such a project, by making various functions.

Your first links kinda reaffirms me that I'd need to use lasers (arghhh) for the best results.

Your second link is what I was doing, but one ultrasound module is able to measure up to 4 meters. I don't know how i didn't think of that before testing lol.

You can do it like one of my former customers. Use a laser and a rotating mirror set and sensors to detect the return reflection. Time based on the mirror giving the light pulse timing. Can measure 4 distances to 4 walls, up to 1/8 mile.


Hm, that sound very interesting. Will have to look into that.

This cheap 40 m laser distance sensor can be hacked and read by Arduino.