Measuring power consumption of breadboard arduino


I have built a breadboard arduino with an Atmega 328P. I am running the blink sketch from the examples and it works fine. So I would like to measure the power consumption with my digital multimeter. If I switch the dmm range to 10A DC I can see a current draw switching between 0,01 A and 0,02 A.
But if I switch to the 200 mA DC range it does not work. The same happens for the 20 mA DC range. My DMM shows on the display how to connect the probes to it.
I would be very grateful if you could tell me why this is not working?

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I would be very grateful if you could tell me why this is not working?

Because you have blown the fuse in your multimeter.

Yup - open up the multimeter, measure the fuse to figure out what kind it is, and buy a replacement. You can sometimes find the replacements in brick and mortar hardware stores, in those drawers with parts in them - at eye-watering prices. They can of course be had online for much less, though it's very hard to hold the online fuse up next to the blown one to make sure they're the same size.

The current settings on all multimeters are (or should be) current protected, and it's very easy for the fuses to get blown while using the meter. Pretty much every used multimeter we score at the used tool store has blown fuses and/or corroded battery terminals (which is why it went to the used tool place's $2 bin), but is otherwise 100% working.

Thank your very much guys! I did not think about the fuse 8)
I have really blown it ;D

Thanks again!