Measuring shaft angle of Servo motor using a LDR and a Laser


I have a project about finding the connection between the voltage and shaft angle of Servo motor, using Arduino.

I have an Uno Arduino with CH340 driver, a potentiometer, light sensor (LDR), a Laser and a protractor.

To control the voltage I use the potentiometer of course, but how can I measure the angle with a LDR and a Laser?


What type of servo are you using ?

It would be unusual for the angle of a servo output shaft to be controlled by a voltage input

Don't use a laser, use an ordinary LED with a wide angle of radiation instead. Attach a blind to the servo that covers part of the LDR according to the servo angle.

School /university type project ?

You need to research methods of optically measuring angles etc , what others do. How a servo works …..examine the pros and cons of various methods then choose one .

When you write it up will you just say “ I asked someone else how to do it “

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