Measuring sound intervals with a timer

Hello all,

I am new to Arduino, but I am interested in learning it. Ultimately, I am looking at using an Arduino to measure time intervals between sounds. I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on what sound measuring equipment would be good at detecting the sound of a gun firing, and any additional information someone could provide for writing the sketch that would help with not only detecting the sound, but also would start a timer upon "hearing" the sound and stop the timer upon "hearing" the next sound.

Thank you

There are “sound detectors” (google for it) that can quite easily pick up loud noises. Will work fine if placed not too far from the gun.

The moment the sound detector detects something just record the current time (millis() or if you measure really short times use micros()) until the next time a trigger is received when you check that recorded time to the current time.

DIY shot timer

Thank you guys so much for the input. The link was a great help!