Measuring temperature using UNO and IR

Is there any way to measure temperature using a suitable IR sensor? I want to measure the surface temperature of the motor in a milling machine in order to abort operation if temperature reaches too high levels.
One difficulty using contact sensors is the motor housing. It's mostly cylindrical but has two almost flat surfices. Good thermical contact is not easy to obtain. There is also some flow of air around the motor. Maybe "radiation"" measuring technic might work?
Anybody having experience in this matter?

Something like this, but would probably need calibrating against a known accurate thermometer.

Thanks a lot!
I have spent the last hours following Your on spot links. It looks like it's popular to sell the 3 volt version. For me the number one interest is a 5 volt version connected to my 5 volts UNOS without additional level shifters.
I just sent a question to Melexis for proper version and where I can buy that sensor. Those sensors look like being pretty well calibrated! Okey, I need to install them properly.
Cross the fingers. I hope to come back later.

The solution is now an SMT172 sensor displayed via an I2C display, powered by an USB power bank and a sketch pulsingly waisting enough current to keep the power bank away from cutting off.