Measuring the electrical output of an external component with an Arduino Uno

Hi all,

I am trying to wire an external component that basically reacts with glucose to produce an electrical current. However, with the current system I am using, I get one of three results: a random series of numbers that are just from random static, 5 volts of electricity, or 0 volts. I know this is due to an issue with the wiring, so do you have any suggestions for how I can wire this properly? When I looked online, all the examples I found were how to wire a potentiometer to the Arduino to measure it’s resistance. I wired it like the picture below, but this setup doesn’t work with any other source.


I know this is due to an issue with the wiring

Or the wrong kind of sensor. The Arduino can not directly measure current.

Post a link to the product page or data sheet for the sensor, describe your wiring more clearly and post the code, using code tags.

Someone else's Fritzing is unhelpful.

To turn a current signal into a voltage signal you need a device to do that conversion. Fortunately they are very cheap and widely available. Your local Radio Shack (or equivalent) will have hundreds of them in stock. The individual prices at Radio Shack are relatively expensive - maybe a dollar. If you're buying them from a big online retailer, expect to pay less than one cent per unit.

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