Mecanum Wheeled Gokart

Are you familiar with Mecanum wheels? They're a type of cool wheel that can enable essentially omnidirectional movement, strafing left/right, diagonally, turning in place (and of course the classic forwards/backwards, and turning functions).

I want to make a gokart that uses these. I'm thinking the easiest way to totally achieve this function is to use a couple joysticks and an Arduino. I figure I'll use two joysticks, and have the output from said joysticks go through the Arduino and it will output to the motor controllers. I think I'll only need 4 outputs, one for each motor, so an Arduino Uno will work right? It has 6 analog outputs, which is what I think I need (standard motor controllers I'm planning on using will likely be 0-5V hall effect standard). That should work, right? Or will the output of the analog pins not be able to be reconciled into a 0-5V that would resemble hall-effect sensors?

The UNOS have no analog outputs, only 6 PWM capable outputs.

Oops, my misunderstanding then. So how could I get a 0-5V output? Use PWM and then some sort of filter (I seem to remember hearing the term "low-pass filter")?

EDIT: Or is there an Arduino with 0-5V analog outputs?

Yes, either a low pass filter or an external DAC.

A brief Google search suggests that a 4k resistor (or 4 1k, since that's what I have handy) with a 10uF (maybe ceramic, or does it need to be polar?) cap should do the trick. Does that sound about right to you?