mechanism to depress shutter button digital camera

I am wondering what type of mechanism could be used to depress the shutter button on your average digital camera. I an very new to building projects with Arduino, so I would like to start playing with a few things. I would like to build a remoter control to take photos via a remote. Are there off the shelf remotes like the ones we use for our cars I could also order? Eventually – would like the device to take time-lapse photos too.
Thanks for your help I do appreciate the time other take to read these post and give advice. – have a great day Ken

some cameras have a digital interface you just need a relay.
others have an IR (infraRed) eye so you can send an IR pulse .
others only have a mechanical button and you might consider adding a small servo top push the button.

Search the forum for shutter and you will find many projects to learn form...

Another thing you may need to take into consideration is that some cameras have a dual state press-button. Pressing half-way down activates the auto-focus and exposure settings then full depression actually takes the photo.

I made such a device as you're looking for a few years ago using an RC sevo motor to operate a mechanical "finger" as part of a project for the charity REMAP. The user was a severely disabled lad whose only movement capability was a nod of the head. This operated a simple pressure switch which in turn triggered the device to operate auto-functions then take the shot.

However, that was before I discovered Arduino so the controls were accomplished using multiple 555 timer circuits. All a bit "messy" but the final result worked a treat.

Thanks guys – Servo that was the word I was looking for. I assume these come with different strength; I don’t want to shove the shutter into the camera. Any suggestion as to what size to buy.
As for the dual-state press-button, I was wondering if a cam on a gear would be better so that a pre-focus could occur.
IR or digital interface? I am dealing with very inexpensive point-n-shoot digital cameras $100 US cheap cameras. I will check the specifications to see.

As for the dual-state press-button, I was wondering if a cam on a gear would be better so that a pre-focus could occur.

With a servo, you can have it stop at various positions.


If you drop me a personal email I'll forward a batch of photos of the device I made which shows how to prevent the servo destroying your camera