Mechanized Japanese Scroll Art

Hello, I am completely new to Arduino and this is my first time posting anything in this forum.

I am a contemporary visual artist working in Madrid, Spain. I am interested in arduino in general but really only need it (if it is feasible) to help me see through an idea I have for an art piece.

Essentially, I am searching advice from the community about whether my idea is realistic and if so, some guidance on how best to approach it.

The idea is to make a long Japanese scroll like drawing on lightweight paper, say 10-12" (3.5m), and have this image mounted on two spools, one at each end. Then using stepper motors (I currently have two Nema 17s) create a system whereby the viewer can activate the motors/spools in order to scroll back and forth through the image. The speed does not need to vary, but that may be a nice feature. The motors need to work smoothly and simultaneously and be controlled by some sort of knob.

Currently I have an Arduino Uno, an Adafruit V1 motor shield and two Nema 17 steppers as well as two 360 degree servos, which make too much noise for the piece.

I have attached a brief sketch to give you a visual representation. It would all be housed in custom metal work.

Any guidance one could offer would be much appreciated.

It sounds plausible. The arduino side of it seems simple enough - though you may tear a lot of paper in testing. The slightly tricky part will be finding whether you need to adjust the number of stepper steps as one end gets more paper on its roller.

The mechanicals seem to be where most of the difficulties will lie. You'll need to find out by experiment whether the steppers you have are strong enough.

Yes, you are right, I am sure that there will need to be quite a bit of testing, especially with regard to torque and paper tension, even if the paper will be quite lightweight.

The mechanics I feel I have more confidence with so I am more concerned with the Arduino code in this forum.