med12864 grafical lcd arduino library

hi every one,this arul. am new to grafical lcd diplay am buy one glcd (med12864). this is 128x64 lcd i have arduino micro. ineed to interface with this lcd please any one help me.
i have get some library file from internet (ks0108) but unfortunatily i was get error in that example program when i compile this progaram.
please help me how to interface the med12864 glcd
thans to all

I'd recommend using either of these two libraries:

While they work very differently and have different feature sets, both are full featured libraries with ks0108 support, along with extensive documentation.

In order to wire up your glcd you will need a datasheet for your exact display module.
The datasheet will show the pinout for your module pins and you will need that to know how to wired the glcd connections to the arduino pins and to the additional off module contrast and back-light circuitry.
There are many different pinouts for ks0108 modules so it is very important that you get a data sheet for exact glcd module that you have.

--- bill

hi perrybap,

I am also working in the same lcd.
This lcd internally has ST7565R , Is the library file built for ks0108 support for my lcd

It has 28 pins.

I already added those libraries you mentioned in this post.
i am using arduino UNO , i changed library file as it suitable for Arduino UNO
it is neither shown error nor output

ST7565 is not the same as ks0108. They are very different chipsets.
I'd suggest reading the documentation that comes with the libraries for information on which chipsets are supported and how to wire up the module and configure the library to use it.
The openGLCD library does not support the ST7565 chipset.

I have MED12864-28p-sg1-fwbbw GLCD . I cant find any data sheet from google, for that to make it
wiring up. Please share any link which has its datasheet. Because it has 28 Pins, i dont know how to wiring it. And please share some sample program to make it run any test code. I want library to make it analyse deeply.