Medicine dispenser project in trouble!

Hi guys! I’m currently working on a project. Also, I’m using a microcontroller(74HC595), a 4x3 keypad, a 16x4 lcd screen and an arduino Uno.

Since I just started out on arduino and wanted to give it a shot to master arduino because of the amazing things it is able to do.

Firstly, the wiring (attached) was found just by google-ing and followed each of the wiring exactly the same. The issue I’m facing is the coding issue. I started out just by using “serial.printIn(key);” to allow the keypad to communicate with the arduino Uno. As i proceed further, I’m unable to source for any codes that allows the keypad and the arduino to communicate with the shift register and finally to the lcd.

Can someone that is/are good on this aspect and lend me a helping hand for me to advance further on this project? Thanks in advance.


There's a keypad library which I'm sure you will find with the help of Mrs. Google.

I have a post about the 595 chip: Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Using a 74HC595 output shift register as a port-expander

As for the rest, that's up to you to come up with some logic.

If your getting the expected values in the serial monitor, is the problem serial writes to the lcd via the chip?