Medium-range RF signaling device


I need to remote-control an Arduino with RF signaling. Sending two signals (i.e. having two channels) is enough, although 4 would be better. Something like the remote controls for opening/closing garage doors would be ok, but a simple test showed that they have very short range. For this project, working reliably across 70 meters outdoors without obstacles is the minimum required.

What kind of remote control would be adequate for this project? I'm using the Arduino Mega and this is my first project.

Longer range suggests longer wavelength, in general, so an ISM device in 433MHz band (or whatever is appropriate to your territory) will fare better than anything in 2.4GHz band for same power, for instance. And you must have proper antenna to get good range.

I was looking for recommendations naming specific products :cold_sweat: (I'm a novice on electronics and a complete beginner on Arduino.)

Well I've used HopeRF transceiver modules before - RFM12 and RFM12B - there are libraries available (Jeelabs for instance) and there a lot of simple serial-replacement point-to-point modules out there. You do need to do your research on the available bands and power/duty-cycle limits for your region.

The 60mW Xbee should work.