Mega 2560 and Ethernet Shield

Its unclear to me how to physically attach the Ethernet shield to a Mega 2560. Do I simply match the pins on the header? What about the shields IOREF and Reset pins?
Thanks... Jim

Line up the power pins and the ICSP pins correctly. If those are good, the rest should be also. The R3 versions could have 2 extra pins/sockets per side on the usb/RJ45 end.

I think the problem is as likely to be that the Mega has two extra holes in the analogue section - A6,A7. I believe this applies to all Megas -certainly all of mine. I find the easiest way to start is to go by the gaps between the groups of pins.

There would be only one way where the ICSP pins line up, wouldn't there? That would be the correct one.